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House rules

House Rules:

• You enter an entertainment venue at your own risk
• You need to follow instructions from the Organization, security or staff at all times.
• If you refuse physical searches or bag research, you’ll be asked to leave the area.
• Unwanted behaviour as aggression and discrimination will not be tolerated.
• The Organization, owner of the location or staff can in no way be held liable for any injuries, material and/or immaterial damage, which you as a visitor should experience.
• The application of injury to persons or damage to buildings or material will be recovered at the cause.
• We reserve the right to refuse access to persons, wearing offensive clothing.
• On and around the event site, the Dutch legislation regarding the use of and trade in drink and drugs is applicable. If the possession of soft drugs, you will be transferred to the local police.
• During the event (photo-) recordings are made. When entering the event you give permission to the Organization to reproduce, publish and/or to use these recordings for promotional purposes.
• Distribution of flyers on and around the event is prohibited (General Local Regulation).